Your Residential Well: More Than Meets the Eye

Your Residential Well: More Than Meets the Eye

Most people are only familiar with what they see above ground when it comes to a water well but there is much more to it than just a drilled hole.


More than 42 million people in the US use a private well to provide drinking water to their families. With approximately 500,000 new wells constructed annually, this means that over half of the nation’s drinking water comes from private and municipal wells.


So how is a residential well constructed?


To begin, a hole has to be drilled into the ground to access an aquifer containing water. Aquifers are one of the most important sources of freshwater on earth. Once the aquifer has been accessed, a pipe and pump are used to pull the water out of the ground. A screen is used to filter out particles that could potentially clog the pipe. Wells are built in a variety of sizes and shapes, all depending on the type material the well is drilled into and the amount of water that is pumped out.


There are three different types of wells: sand wells, rock wells, and shallow wells. Shallow wells are typically found at depths of 100 feet or less and bore into an unconfined water source. Rock wells, on the other hand, are drilled into formation, made up entirely of natural rock. It contains no soil and will not collapse. On average the depth for rock wells is roughly 250 feet. Sand wells can be made up of clay, gravel or sand.


Residential wells are built after considering the size of the system needed, the right location and the proper technique needed to complete the project. Hiring a professional to properly construct a well is key to ensure all local codes and regulations are followed. If not properly constructed, a well can become easily contaminated, releasing toxic materials into the well. It is crucial that toxic material never be dumped or spilled near a well, as it can seep into the aquifer and contaminate the groundwater. This is very dangerous if the well is used for drinking water.


Donald Smith Company has been in the well drilling business for over 75 years, proving to be experts when it comes to residential, municipal, or agricultural wells.  If you are interested in testing your well to see what pathogens and chemicals it may contain or to find out more information about private well installation, call our office to set up an appointment.  You can also click here to request a free quote for your specific project.

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