Successful crop yields demand thousands of gallons of water, and the first step to ensuring a sufficient water supply is an accurately located well, drilled to the correct depth. An uninterrupted water supply is critical to the future of our farms. By stocking, repairing, and maintaining pumping equipment in our own facilities, Donald Smith Company can keep irrigation lines flowing and today’s farms productive and profitable.

Donald Smith Company has been working with the farm community for decades. We know the importance of a sustainable water supply, and we have the equipment, parts, and personnel to keep your irrigation flowing.

Donald Smith Company’s best sales tool is our long company history of varied and successful work for a broad range of customers. We will be happy to provide you with references and comparable project profiles.

Water has been our only business, for over 70 years.


Our Customers

Water is vital to all aspects of business and society, and Donald Smith Company takes the responsibility of providing that water very seriously.

Commercial & Municipal

Whether it’s a well to provide drinking water for thousands of city residents, or a well to aid in the manufacturing process, we have the expertise and equipment required.

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Successful crop yields demand hundreds of thousands of gallons of water, and the first step to ensure that water supply is a well located and drilled correctly.

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All the water you need for household use, irrigation, or to maintain your swimming pool is readily available when you rely on the Donald Smith Company.

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With locations in Alabama and Mississippi, we provide services throughout five southern states.