Providing Reliable Water Supply to the Agriculture Community: How Donald Smith Company Supports Our Farmers

Providing Reliable Water Supply to the Agriculture Community: How Donald Smith Company Supports Our Farmers

The agriculture community is a vital part of our society as it provides food for the masses. In order to maintain this industry, water supply must be reliable and abundant. 


In the pursuit of a sustainable water supply for their farming operations, many agricultural producers have turned to irrigation systems which recycle and reuse water. These systems also provide a reliable water source when wells run dry or in times of drought.   The process works by collecting surface runoff from lakes, streams, and rivers with large storage tanks, pumping it through filters that remove debris and other pollutants before sending it to an underground reservoir which is then pumped back up for use on crops. In addition to providing a consistent water supply during dry periods this system also protects groundwater supplies from saltwater intrusion caused by overpumping.


With an up-to-date irrigation system in place, farmers can maximize their crop production and provide more food for American families. 


Here are just a few ways Donald Smith Company is able to support the agriculture industry in our service areas:


  • Well drilling companies have a long history of supplying water to agricultural producers, and Donald Smith Company has been in the business of supplying water to our farmers for over 75 years.
  • Agricultural producers depend on well drillers for a reliable source of clean, safe drinking water.  With 75+ years of experience, we know water and ensure this reliable source.
  • Well drillers are committed to providing the highest quality service and products from start to finish.  We take this commitment seriously.
  • Agricultural producers must be vigilant about the safety and reliability of their supply sources.  That is why we, too, remain vigilant and committed to the highest standards of safety and purity.


It is important that farmers know what they can do in case there is a problem with their current water supply, such as if it becomes contaminated or runs out completely.  We are here to support you and make sure that you are able to get back to normal as soon as possible.  


If you are in need of a new or additional well, have an existing water supply you would like checked or tested, or have an issue with your water well or water supply, contact Donald Smith Company.  When it comes to your agricultural water supply, you can trust the source!

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