Where Does Well Water Come From?

Where Does Well Water Come From?

When most people think of well water, they think of the clean, refreshing kind that comes out of the tap in their homes. Did you know that there’s a good chance your tap water comes from well water? In fact, well water is often used as a source for municipal tap water systems.  Rural homes may also have their own source of well water.  But where does this water come from?  Let’s take a closer look.


  1. Wells are drilled into the ground until water is reached.  Most of this water is drawn from aquifers beneath permeable rock.


What is an aquifer?  An aquifer is an underground rock layer that can hold water or a zone of saturation where groundwater accumulates.  There are many different types of rock that can form aquifers.  A few include sandstone, gravel, and fractured limestone.  Aquifers can hold significant amounts of water, but they are not underground rivers or lakes (this is a common misconception). Aquifers are a safe and reliable source of water as the layers of rock and sediment serve as a filter.


  1. The water is then pumped out of the well and into a holding tank or directly to your house.


  1. Wells can be used to provide drinking water, irrigation for crops or livestock, or even for cooling purposes in factories.  Well water serves a variety of uses and is an important part of residential, municipal, and agricultural water systems.


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