Four Things to Consider Before Well Drilling

Four Things to Consider Before Well Drilling

Most people may not be familiar with what it means to “drill a well,” but they most certainly can see the benefits. Wells provide water for cities, municipalities, and rural homes, so that when the kitchen faucet is turned on, water is readily available.  Farmers rely on water supplied by wells to yield crops, even when rain may be unpredictable.  When drilling a well to source this water, there are a few major things to consider.

The Site

The first step in drilling a well is choosing an appropriate site location.  A major component to determining if a location will be a quality site is science and research.  Indicators that a site may be a good place for a well include:

  • Known aquifers are present
  • In-depth research of the area (including hydrogeology)
  • Adequate room for equipment required to drill the well

A qualified and experienced well-drilling company will be able to determine a good site to drill a well or if a preferred site will be suitable.

The Permitting and Regulations

In most states and counties, drilling a well will require the proper permits.  While this may feel like a bit of “red tape” to work through, experienced well drilling companies will be well versed in navigating this path.  It may be helpful to conduct some initial research when it comes to specific regulations or stipulations in your area, but your contractor should be able to help you through this process.

Water Quality

Purity and quality of water is key for consumption.  Testing will need to be conducted on the water once your well is drilled and pumping.  Tests analyzing bacteria and other factors are strongly advised to make sure the water is serviceable and safe to drink.

How Long Will Your Well Last?

How long your well will last depends on a variety of factors.  The good news is that an optimal site will provide you with a working well that serves you and your family for years to come.

Choosing the right company for your well drilling needs is essential.  Experience and professionalism will ensure quality results.  Donald Smith Company has been drilling wells and pumping water for over 75 years.  Learn more about us and how we can help you here.