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In 1946, immediately following World War II, our company was founded by H.E. Smith upon his release from a post-war army. Twenty-eight years later, son and partner Donald Smith acquired full ownership and established the company as a leader in water well and pump installations for homes, farms, industry, and municipalities.

The company now spans three generations with Donald Sr. currently serving as company CEO while son, Don Jr. serves as president. In its 65+ year history, Donald Smith Company has successfully progressed in size, experience, and technological capabilities. What started as a small, local well-drilling company has grown to become a regional leader in well drilling and pump supply, installation, and repair with offices serving five southern states.


We understand municipal, industrial, residential, and agricultural ground water needs, and how an essential water supply depends on our responsiveness and performance. Donald Smith Company is ready to assist when water and time are critical. Our drilling and pumping experience is supported by a large fleet of drilling rigs and equipment, operated by highly-trained crews and field technicians. Over the years, the company has compiled an extensive amount of experience, drilling small residential wells up to large-diameter commercial deep wells. Current drilling capabilities extend to over half a mile in depth and up to 30 inches in diameter.

Because of the company’s extensive knowledge and professionally-trained personnel, we continue to be a leader in project design and production stage implementation. Advanced training enables us to do our own pump design and remanufacturing, giving us greater control, and providing customers a greater assurance of meeting capacity requirements. We also repair and remanufacture turbine pumps in our own facilities for greater control in quality and delivery.

Today, expertise provided by Donald Smith Company is available throughout Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, western and central Tennessee, and the Florida panhandle. We can provide you with a reliable, professional solution to your well water needs, as well as a dependable, long term resource for pump maintenance and repair. It’s our pledge to provide solutions in a timely manner, at a fair price, and to treat all our customers professionally.

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