Drilling Methods: 3 Types

Drilling Methods: 3 Types

Did you know that there are three different methods to drill a well?

These three methods include: Cable Tool, Air Hammer Drilling, & Rotary Drilling. When deciding what method to use, our trained professionals begin by studying the geology of the digging site. With over 75 years of experience, we are able to use the most effective methods available and ensure quality of every job.

The most common method of drilling is the rotary method. Rotary drilling cuts by rotating a bit at the bottom of the hole. In addition to rotation, downward pressure is also exerted as the bit cuts its way through layers of the ground. When beginning a new hole, and oftentimes during drilling operations, pull-down pressure from the drill rig is applied. Rotary drilling requires skill to match the bit type and pull-down pressure with the formation while also using drilling fluids to maintain circulation in an effort to keep the hole clear of cuttings and the bit cool and lubricated.  A skilled driller controls the pull-down pressure and the speed of penetration. Pull-down pressure in excess can damage drill bits, drill pipe and the trueness of the borehole.

Cable Tool, also known as a pounder machine, is another form of well drilling.  A heavy drill bit is attached to a steel cable and raised and dropped down the borehole, pounding its way downward. Cuttings have to be bailed out of the hole periodically, and several meters of water must be maintained in the borehole to keep the cuttings suspended.There are several different pieces of equipment  to use, depending on the size of the project from a basic skid-mounted winch with a tripod to a complex set of pulleys and drums with a large mast. Large cable tool rigs use hydraulic motors to raise and lower the mast and rotate the drums of the cable. These are mounted on a trailer or the bed of a truck . These units are able to dig hundreds of feet deep in almost any geological condition. This method is slower, however the cable tool method has been used to build millions of thriving wells around the world.

In areas of hard rocks, a lot of drillers prefer to use a well drilling technique that uses compressed air to operate a down-hole air hammer on the end of the drill string that helps to break up the hard rocks. This is known as Air Hammer Drilling. The air is supplied by a large compressor that moves the air to the swivel hose connected to the drill pipe. The compressed air is able to blow the crushed pieces of rock back out of the hole and to the surface along with any water that flows in during drilling. This method is commonly used for open-hole drilling and is known for being a quicker alternative. This method is often used when increased penetration is needed, as it is able to reach depths that other methods are not.

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